Social Canvas

IDEO prototype version #2


Social Canvas is a live experiment in presentations from IDEO. Over the years, we’ve noticed a pattern of valuable conversations happening both in person and on Twitter during live talks. In an effort to open up the conference format we’re creating the space to enable conversations around presentations and specific slides.

In this prototype, slides are posted on Social Canvas during the live event. The website captures any Twitter activity related to each slide and provides a place to comment and converse. The presentations stay on the site beyond the event, allowing for the dialogue to continue. Simple infographics provide visual cues to the slides with the most comments or likes, highlighting the most popular ideas from each presentation.

In our interconnected world, we hope Social Canvas will extend the half life of ideas. We’re eager to hear your feedback. Please email us at with your thoughts and suggestions. In order to learn about future presentations, you can follow us on Twitter @IDEO.

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